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2 Your SAP FICO Training is related End User training or Consultant level:
Training is focused on Consultanting. End User Training included to test Configuration.End users will get chance to learn the Configuration Steps , Accounts Entry , Process and All Possible Scenarios & Reports. Since you are learning configuration, you can apply for Business Analyst Position or Super User Position.

3 If we couldn't complete our training within 1 year after that time what facility would you provide us for continue more.
This Training can be finished in 1 Month, If you spend 2hr/day. You can Renew Access after Expire.

4 All lessons are in what formats, pdf or in power point slots. Can we download that lesson in our system?
This is a Software Guided System. We are using SAP server Simulation to Practice Configuration. All Feel and Look are same like Live Server . No need for Down Loads. Our Suggestion is that Just finish entire Cycle AS IT IS (From Phase1-3). Pease Finish Phase 1 , and Experience the System.

5 Can we get lesson individual or in group, any specific time for attend training.
This is individual, You can attend training (24/7)

6 The fee in Each Phase is Complete or any Additional Fees?
Yes, The Fees in each phase is Complete.

7 Any hidden charges if you have in this training please mention first eg, course book, notes for download etc..
No Hidden Charges.You can access All the training, in the site with one single Payment.

8 Where is located in your office for any confusion how can we contact instructor for resolving.
We are located in US, This is pure Online System .This system is designed to Learn without Instructor. That is why we have designed 3 level. You can mail us with any Queries

Confusions are Possible at the beginning, Just Keep Going, Your Doubts will get answered once you progress.

9 How about the training timings do I have a chance to choose my own schedule and how many days per week will be the class and for how long.
You will get system 24/7

10 I purchased the SAP Fico Courses (2&3) and Phase 1 seems to be free. When I tried to access the course content, other than header, I do not see any details.
Please down Load , Flash Player. Google Chrome/Firefox is the Preferred Browser.